What Are The Different Types Of Lipsticks That Are Available In The Market For Different Type Of Lips

What Are The Different Types Of Lipsticks That Are Available In The Market For Different Type Of Lips

Selecting the best lipstick for your lips is not an impulse decision anymore. You need to be careful about the image and look that you are trying to project. That will mean that you should know all about the different types of lipstick that are available in the market as well as which type suits which kind of lips.

Moisturizing lipsticks – For those who have dry lips. This has Vitamin E as the ingredients.

Sheer and satin lipsticks – These contain oil and hence can be used in dry lips and yes they are very dark

Cream Lipsticks – these are cream and are very good for think lips. These have emollients in them to make your lips very soft and look fuller. You can even apply lip gloss on top of it.

Lip butters are lipsticks that contain shea butter which is very good for moisturizing of lips. These lipsticks are much better than lip stain and lip tint.

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Matte Lipstick – This is the oldest and the most traditional form of lipstick and this has been there since the time the lipstick was invented. Now it is being challenged by other things like lip stain and lip tint and lip gloss. This lipstick has no shine and appears to give a very dull appearance

Lip gloss is something anyone can wear and it is replacing the traditional lipstick. However the lip gloss have too much or shine and color. So if you are looking for something more which is not very prominent then select a lip gloss which is not that bold and has less sheen.

Lip tint or lip stain – these are in between the lipstick and the lip gloss. The challenge is that these can be very drying but these are long lasting. The best among them is Benefit lip tint

Color stay lipsticks – These are something which are better than lip stains because of the fact that these can very easily give you the quality of a lip stain but are not that drying as lip stain.

Based on the longevity of the lipstick there are varieties which are available which are long wearing type and then there are some which are transfer resistant. The long wearing ones can easily last up to 7 – 8 hours.

I would suggest that you make sure that you try all sorts of lipsticks before hoping for one or the other. Also the new look in town is the nude lipstick. So understand your skin tone and then make sure that you buy a shade which is the same.