How To Choose The Best Lipstick Color And The Top Lipstick Color

How To Choose The Best Lipstick Color And The Top Lipstick Color

Selecting the best lipstick color is always a challenge and the very thought of string down at the lines of lipsticks at a store can be a daunting task. You will ask several things as to what will I wear in the evening and what will I wear during the day. There are again several different types of lipsticks that you can choose from.

To begin with I would suggest that you should know about different types of lipsticks that are available. At least that will give you a head start into the process rather than you trying on several types and then finding out the lip stain is not the one for you or you do not have a liking for sheer lipstick.

Check out the skin color which is there for your skin tone. The skin types of fair skin, medium skin and dark brown skin. The best guide to selecting the lipstick color is that you need to know your skin types and then decide. General guideline is that lipstick color should be one or two shades darker than your skin tone.

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For fair skin the best colour is deep plum and wine red. Light browns and beige color.

Medium skin tone can compliment with deep browns, deep reds, warm reds and medium browns.

For dark and brown skin tone you can have dark red tones. For thin lips you can have lighter and glossy shade. Dark shades will make the lips look thinner.

Those people who have dark skin color will do better off by wearing a color which is dark. Light colors will generally do not go well with them. Also another guideline is that light colors work well during the daytime and the darker colors work well during the night time.

Now if you still want to go for a darker shade then make sure that you have a makeup which complements your lipstick color. Never select something which is very much dramatic and looks all red. Again if you want that attractive subdued look which is dusky then go for the natural tones.

The best thing is to try the lipstick color in natural light and see what is the exact color of the lipstick.

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