What are the different lipstick ingredients?

What are the different lipstick ingredients?

Lipsticks are something which looks good and has that ability to make sure that you look glamorous and very stylish. Now that said have you ever wondered what are the different lipstick ingredients of which the different types of lipsticks are made up of.

Now the most common of the ingredients which are there in the lipstick are mainly six and the most prominent among them is the wax. The wax generally that you will see in many lipsticks is the beeswax or the candelilla wax. Another type wax is the Carnauba wax which is made from the Brazilian wax palm trees.

Various oils like the Castor oil, vegetable oil, lanolin oil and mineral oil are used to make the lip stick. Now oil and lipstick are two main things which makeup the lipstick.

There are a wide variety of dyes which are used in the lipstick. These dyes will generally be used to give color to the lipstick. The most common dyes that are used are the bromo acid and D&C Red No. 21

Now in some lipsticks the fragrance also used such that the other oils and wax should not give a bad smell. Some amount of alcohol is also used to make sure that wax and oil can be dissolved. The lipstick has a very long shelf life and the reason why it has a long shelf life is that it has preservatives and antioxidants in it .

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There are several other ingredients based on the type of lipstick that is made and these are vitamin E, jojoba oil, shea butter, sunflower and chamomile oils.

Now that does not mean the lipstick ingredient is very good. There are small amounts of ingredients available which may not be very conducive and cause very harmful effects in the human body. These ingredients are lead and cola tar. Coal tar is specifically used for making the red pigment color in the lipstick.

The colors which you see in so many stylish lipstick names like spicy ash, icy pink and others are actually derived from either Carmine or lake colors. Both of these are very toxic and can be carcinogenic. You need to be very careful while buying a lipstick as chances are that the lipstick that you are using is very toxic and harmful.

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