Restylane Lips Injections Filler For Lip Enhancement And Lip Augmentation

Restylane Lips Injections Filler For Lip Enhancement And Lip Augmentation

If you are thinking about getting the lip enhancement or lip augmentation then the best thing to do is to go for the Restylane lip injections. These lip injections are similar top what is offered in the Juvederm lips augmentation

Lips augmentation can be done using the Restylane or the Juvederm. These are temporary lip augmentations as the effect of the Restylane injections will wear off after about six months and the you will have to undergo another round of treatments to get the fuller lips.

The benefit of using the Restylane injections for the lip treatments is that it is hyaluronic acid based and is totally derived from the human body. This is better than the bovine collagen injections that are used because of the fact that bovine collagen can cause allergic reaction in a lot of people and hence it is not suggested by a lot of dermatologist

The Restylane also has benefit over other forms of lip augmentation as dermatologist can use very fine needles to inject the HA and can easily make sure that the lips are contoured or shaped accordingly. The other major method if lip augmentation is fat grafting though the success rate in that is not as high as the Restylane injections

Restylane lip augmentation

The silicone based lip enhancement is not recommend as silicone has a lot of complications and it can be very tricky to handle.

Again before going in for the lip augmentation using the Restylane injections make sure that you talk to cosmetic surgeon regarding the expectation that you have.

After the lip injections are done there may be swelling and the dermatologist may advise you to use the ice packs to sooth the lips.

Some surgeons definitely use the mental nerve blocks to make sure that patient does not get pain or at least lessens the discomfort caused by lip augmentation. The entire procedure for lip enhancement with Restylane will last more than 30 minutes.