How To Increase The Lip Volume

How To Increase The Lip Volume

Having those special pout made famous by Angelina Jolie is something everyone wants to acquire. The cosmetic industry regularly puts out photographs of beautiful models with lips which are thick and full. So for those who have lesser volume of lips the most obvious thing to talk about and get an answer to is that how to increase the lip volume. So most femals definitely ask as how to get Angelina Jolie lips. The answer lies in my explanation below.

There are a number ways to do that and these ways can be permanent and temporary. The first set consists of lip plumpers which have been introduced by the cosmetic industry. These best lip plumper work by inducing collagen into the lips. Some use vitamins which will go into the lips and will cause the lips to go ahead in volume. Another set of lip plumpers merely act as exfoliator and will just increase the lip volume by bringing the new skin from underneath. This method will only yield temporary results which may last for a day and the minute you stop applying the lip plumper the effect will go away.

Now there are other products which have a longer duration of lip volume effect. These are products such as Restylane and Juvederm. Both of these products are Hyaluronic acid based and the way they work Hyaluronic acid is used to pump up the volume. Hyaluronic acid hydrates the skin and increases the volume. The effect of Restylane or Juvederm will last for a few months.

The advice here is that while getting these injectable fillers make sure that you go to a very qualified surgeon or dermatologist. If the injection goes bad then chances are that you will have very badly shaped lips. There are pictures of patients with injections gone and believe me that these look awful and you will have tough time getting those in back in shape. It is better to be safe the first time itself.

Lip Implants and lip augmentation

Lip Implants is another way in which we can increase the lip volume. The lip implants are a bit challenging in the fact that these need to be surgically implanted and they are almost permanent. You will need a surgery to remove them. The best thing is to have the temporary dermal filler injections and increase the lip volume.

There can be done to improve the lip volume like using face lift surgery to lift the entire face including the lips. Most of the times when the face lift surgery is done this will be done in parallel to have a good overall effect.