What things to consider when buying lipstick?

What things to consider when buying lipstick?

Getting those lips colored with a wonderful lipstick is one thing that is out there but then you need to have the correct information when buying a lipstick. On the face of it looks easy to walk into a store and buy the lipstick but the fact is that you will need to know all sorts of information when you are buying a lipstick. Hope this answers your question about how to buy lipstick.

Here are the things that you need to consider when buying the lipstick and these are

The first and the foremost thing that you need to consider is your own skin tone. The skin that you have will dictate the kind of lipstick that you buy. There are different types of colors which go with skin tone and chances are that if you do not know the difference then you can make a mockery of yourself at an important function. A lot of cosmetics have started giving out advisory on their products saying which kind of skin tone the lipstick will work well with. You need to know about different types of lipstick as well as different lipstick ingredients

As far colors go the lighter tones are for the daytime and the darker hues are used during the night time.


If you do not want the lipstick to smudge or spread then having a good lip liner is a must and chances are that it will help to accentuate your lips and make them appear fuller an thicker.

Make sure that your read the ingredients that are there in the lipsticks. This will help as there are some lipsticks which can be harmful and can have toxic ingredients.

Almost always ask for sample shades and lipstick tubes. Most of the times you will get the samples. If the samples are not there then at least ask for the return policy so that you know whether you can return the lipstick or not in case you do not like the lipstick.

Another major thing that you should know is about the different types of lipsticks and that will mean whether it is glossy or sheer or shimmer types. The matter finish is not glossy at all and the shimmer or sheer is not very long lasting.


Always keep the lipsticks in cool environment else the lipstick will not appear as firm and you will have difficulty in applying. Also given that most of the people have chapped lips it is better to go in for the best moisturizing lipstick.