Go for the best retractable lip brush

Go for the best retractable lip brush

Using a lip brush is what you need while applying makeup and the best retractable lip brush is a must when you need to have that important accessory in your kit.

The challenge with the retractable brush is that generally these will break much more easily than anything else in your makeup kit as these are slender and thin and also since these are retractable there is constant motion on the ends resulting in breakage quite often.

The first and the foremost thing while choosing the retractable brush is that it should come in packaging which can protect it in your purse or handbag or even otherwise in the open. That said the one blend which has the hairs of the brush will generally attract a lot of dust so it is better that it has a cap such that it becomes easier to removes but also protects the ends form catching dust.

The retractable hair brush should be made up of the natural hair. Avoid the brush which has nylon hair. Nylon hair brush is less expensive but the fact is that the natural hjir brush is much more comfortable in use and lasts longer. The quality of natural hair brush is much better than the nylon hair brush. The hair is the brush should be pointed and should also remain stiff after repeated use.

best retractable lip brush

In most cases you will find that the lip brush are available as part of the overall makeup kit. The retractable brush which is part of the kit generally will not be very good and you will need to purchase a brush which is good and as mentioned below there are several brand which are available in the retractable lip brush category.

Here are some of the best brands which make the retractable lip brush and these are the

Avon Ergonomic Retractable Lip Brush

Sonia Kashuk Retractable Lip Brush

Lancôme RETRACTABLE LIP – BRUSH #9 Limited Edition Retractable Lip

Posh Retractable Lip Brush – New Pull Style