Benefit Lip tint or Benefit lip stain

Benefit Lip tint or Benefit lip stain

Lip tint or lip stain is water or gel based color which is generally very long lasting than the regular lipstick. The advantage is that the lip tint remains on the lips throughout the day and you can easily go about your daily routine without worrying about losing your look because of the lipstick getting removed.

Now talking about brands there are several lip tint brands in the market however the best brand that is out there is the Benefit Lip tint and it known as Benetint.

There are several variations of the Benefit lip stain and these can also be coupled as the cheek stain.

  • Here are the variations that are there
  • Benefit Cosmetics Posietint
  • Benefit Cosmetics Benetint Lip Balm SPF 15
  • Benefit Cosmetics Benetint 0.42 oz Posietint

This is priced at about $28 dollars per unit which is about 0.40 US fl.oz. and that is approx 12.5ml.

Again this product has been voted as best blush by Elle magazine in 2006 and also rated as the Top 25 Products that Changed our Lives by Marie Claire.

This product gives a very natural blush and this is a must for each and every woman’s makeup kit.

As the norm with lip tint this product also dries very fast and the other challenge is that it will get your lips very dry so I suggest that you use some kind of lip balm or moisturizer. The lip tint has colors which are very fast and generally they can easily stain the clothes. Most of the lip stain also doubles up as cheek stain.

You can also add the gloss to the arsenal so that you can add that to the lip tint so that it can look very good and the color will look nice rather than the natural blush look.