How to choose the best lip plumper

How to choose the best lip plumper

The pout and the fuller lips is the desire of every woman. The credit for this special pout and making it that way goes to Angelina Jolie. Most females want to have the lip plump and have a fuller volume of lips.

There are several ways to go about getting a plumper lips look and one among them is a permanent way which involves some sort of surgery to do that. Well that may not be advisable as it is generally irreversible as well, it can be very costly.

The temporary way of getting the lip plump is to use the lip plumper. The way the lip plumper work is that it will most of the times has the peptides. These peptides get absorbed into the dermal matrix of the lips and ensure a very good pout. The challenge is always to find the bets lip plumper and that will mean that you have the best advice available to make a choice. So read for that

The lip plumper are available in variety of shades and the bets shade will be the one which goes with your skin color and gives that good visual effect. In general the lighter colors lip plumper will give a more pouty effect.

Sanctuary lip plumper

Make sure that the lip plumper that you pick up has the moisturizing agent so that it will work like a charm and then also give the hydrating effect. The hydrating properties are provided by jojoba oil or the Vitamin E. Some of the other ingredients which are there like the ceramide and the candelilla which help in enhancing the fullness and making sure the lips remain very young and do not look wrinkled.

Never lick your lips as this leads to dryness of lips and also improving your dietary habits helps in making sure that the lips and face are healthy. Use the lip exfoliator as well the lip balm to avoid the chapping and dryness of lips.

Here are some of the most famous brands in the lip plumper category

Fusion Beauty LipFusion XL – this has the small dehydrated collagen which will easily go into the lips and then make sure that these are fuller.

City Lips Lip Plumper – This again has collagen which increase the fullness of the lips.

DuWop Lip Venom – This one has cinnamon and this one is the oldest product in the market and a lot of people swear but it. The cinnamon has that slight sensation on your lips but it seems it works like a charm.