Best Clear lip liner

Best Clear lip liner

A lip liner is something which is covered and is used to make sure that you get a good thick colored look and then it also works as to show thicker lips or thinner lips . Now that said the clear lip liner is definitely not in that category. The clear lip liner is a way to prevent the lipstick that is applied from smudging and make sure that it does not smeared beyond the lip area.

The clear advantage of a clear lip liner is that it is not at all glossy or shiny. That will help to make sure that it is not visible. When the lip liner dries off it has a matte finish. The basic advantage is that the lipstick will not go into those fine lines around the mouth after you have applied it as you will have the clear lip liner which will have applied the boundaries to it.

The way to apply the lip liner is that you always apply the clear lip liner before the lipstick is applied and that will make sure that lip liner will be in place even after the lipstick is applied. You need not apply the lip liner at the outside of the lining of lips rather it should be inside otherwise it can give a very bad look.

As far as the removal is concerned any simple makeup remover will help remove the lip liner. Once applied the lip liner will never be needed to applied during the entire day.

Females who want to have their lips look thicker and fuller and need to have a dramatic effect will need a lip liner which is colored. The colored lip liner is applied after the lipstick is applied and it is applied inside the edges or outside the edge of the lips based in what you need to show that is thinner lips or thicker lips.

  • DuWop Reverse Colorless Lip Liner
  • Most of the famous brands for the clear lip liners are
  • Mally Beauty Lip Fence
  • Too Faced Borderline Colorless Lip Pencil
  • DuWop Reverse Colorless Lip Liner
  • Benefit D’finer D’liner Invisible Lip Liner
  • L’Oreal Crayon Petite Clear Lip Liner

Most of the clear lip liners are either the pencil form or they can be angled brushes.