Best custom lip balms or personalized lip balms for promotion or gifts

Best custom lip balms or personalized lip balms for promotion or gifts

Lip balm is a product which is used to apply to the dry or chapped lips and also prevent the cold sores form developing on the lips. Now there is no difference in the way a normal lip balm and the custom lip balm will function. The only difference is that the lip balm that you buy from the market will have a specific brand which will be there on the lip balm stick.

In the case of custom lip balm there will be the logo of the brand or the business that you are trying to promote. This promotion can be for the golf event and you can have the golf lip balm.

Now there are even personalized lip balms available in the market. These can be ideal gifts for office employees and even as giveaways at a family function and even as favors. The reason being that lip balms can be used by practically anyone and no one can feel offended by receiving this favor.

As a marketing and promotion tool nothing an be better than the custom lip balm. The reason being that it is one product which is used by the individual several times a day and if your brand is displayed prominently then you will get a lot of mileage . The way the promotion is to be done will need to decided by you. A lot of effort will go in to find out what type of container will you need for the lip balm. In most cases the lip balm is available in retractable dispenser, tins or circular bottles. You will find what is cost effective and better solution. In today’s world it is all about packaging and there is nothing which is better than this custom lip balm idea.


Most of the custom lip balms are made by the private label suppliers of lip balm and sunscreen products. They generally have a wide variety of options available like the lip balm tins, lip balm sticks, lip gloss tins and lip shimmer pencils.

The other option that is available is that you choose the standard flavor or you can order custom personalized flavors for the entire order.

Of course if you need the custom lip balms then you will need to know the pricing. The indicative pricing is that for 5000 piece order you can get the lip balm for price as low as 80 cents per piece and for a lower size order say for example about 200 pieces the prices can be as high as $1.30 per piece.