Juvederm Side effects and risks

Juvederm Side effects and risks

Does Juvederm has side effects is the most common question asked to me every time I tell someone that I have had Juvederm injections. Well the truth of the matter is that if you call the redness and a little bit of swelling as side effects then yes there are a few side effects of the Juvederm.

They vanish within 48 hours and from then onwards everything is normal and you will feel no pain or numbness on the area where the gel was injected.

Juvederm is made from cross linked hyaluronic acid. This hyaluronic acid is also present in the human body. The hyaluronic acid provides the skin its elasticity as well as smoothness. As we age this acid gets depleted and the kin loses it firmness. To make sure that skin retains its elasticity the hyaluronic acid is injected and that acid absorbs water and gains volume which helps in filling up the severe wrinkles.

Since hyaluronic acid is already present in the body the newly injected hyaluronic generally does not have any side effects.

Juvederm before and after

Some patients tend to get some lumps underneath the skin and in some cases they may also have the gel spreading to some other areas of the body after it was injected at the intended area. Now these lumps can easily be dissolved using special enzyme injections.

You have to be a bit careful after the injections are done so that the affected area is protected from sun or any steam bath. This helps to avoid any sort of adverse reactions.

Juvederm Ultra

Again if you think you have redness or itching then you can out an ice pack on the affected area to feel better.

Juvederm is FDA approved and it is very safe for use and side effects are minimal.