Radiesse Injection and Radiesse Filler earlier called Radiance

Radiesse Injection and Radiesse Filler earlier called Radiance

Radiesse is made by a company called BioForm Medical and the way it is made up is that is made up of the microspheres of the chemical called the calcium hydroxylapetite. This is supposed to last abut 3 years and when you compare it with Juvederm injections or the Restylane injections then the chances are this may turn out to be better than these two.

As with Restylane and Juvederm the chemical calcium hdyroxylappetite is already present in the human body in the form of bones and while making Radiesse no animal products or proteins are used and hence this requires no skin allergy testing beforehand.

The way it works is that calcium hdyroxylappetite forms a matrix in which the body tissue can grow and that enhances the volume of the place here the growth will happen.

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Radiesse is injected into the deep dermis and subcutis for maximum benefit.

Radiesse FN is also used in the facial contouring and lip enhancement. In this the calcium hdyroxylappetite is suspended in the gel called the carboxymethycellulose. This product has already got the FDA clearance for vocal cords and other oral maxillofacial injections.

  • The maximum benefit of Radiesse is
  • Smoothening of the smile lines
  • Nasolabial folds
  • Wrinkles ate the corner of the mouth
  • Frown lines
  • Cheek augmentation
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Some of the people think that Radiesse will become hard when injection is done however on the contrary Radiesse is taken over by the surrounding tissue as the new tissue growth happens and Radiesse remain soft.

While injection of the Radiesse is happening you may feel the pain and that is it is preferable to have the local anesthesia to be taken so as to allow yourself some comfort while getting the dermal filler to be injected. There are no side effects as is the case with Restylane side effects or the Juvederm side effects