Face Lift Surgery And The Variations Available

Face Lift Surgery And The Variations Available

Face lift surgery in general means that you will be treated surgically and the surgeon will improve the look of your face so that you do not look aged. That said the main thing that is done in the face lift surgery is that you will see the reduction of wrinkles and fine lines and once complete the effect of aging will be less visible.

A lot many people who go in for the face lift surgery have already done the regular anti wrinkle cream treatment and have found that the results are very slow to come by. Then the next step that most people go for are the wrinkle fillers like Juvederm or Restylane. Then other treatments like chemical peels or microdermabrasion are also done by a lot of people. In the end the face lift surgery will generally be the last resort. There are positives and negatives for going under the knife.

Since it is the surgery so there are risks for going under the knife and also it is irreversible. Even if you do not like the results of the surgery you will have to live with the face that you have after the surgery.

The average cost of face lift is around $6000 and it can vary based on the city you are getting the facelift done. In most cases there will be additional costs in terms of the anesthesia, surgical facilitates use and post operative care and lodging cost.

Face lift surgery

Types of face lift

There are a large number of variations that are available when you are going in for the facelift however the most common types are

  • Lower face lift
  • Mid Face lift
  • Mini Face lift
  • Thread face lift
  • Facelift without surgery

Since it is a surgery there are a lot of risks involved in the surgery. The surgery can go bad causing nerve damage. The results after the surgery may not be that good as well as chances are that there may be swelling, bruises and scarring.

Tip: Finding the right surgeon with expertise in the kind of surgery that you need to get done is very important.

In general a typical face lift surgical procedure may take about 2-3 hours.