Face Lift Cream – Can It Replace The Face Lifting Surgical Procedure

Face Lift Cream – Can It Replace The Face Lifting Surgical Procedure

As I described in my earlier posts that face lift is surgical procedure to reduce the signs of aging on your face by tightening the facial contours and then in addition you can have additional lifts like neck lift and brow lift to complete a total facial rejuvenation.

That said there have been a plethora of face lift creams now in the market which claim to have the same miraculous results as the face lift surgery. Let us have a detailed look at what these creams contain and how you can use them.

In most cases these are cosmetic creams manufactured by the well known cosmetic companies and they promise you reduction of fine line and wrinkles. The challenge with these face lift creams is that these have slow results. If you read the instructions to most of the creams have the instructions that you need to have the creams applied for about 2 months or more to see an visible difference.

Most of them which contain the less dangerous AHA’s are more like the anti wrinkle cream type creams which will work well to give you a fine appearance. The main ingredient in true face lift creams are the amino acids in the form of acetyl hexapeptide which goes by the name of Argireline.

Perricone MD

While applying apply the cream on the forehead as well as on the areas where you see fine lines and wrinkles. The fact of the matter is that these creams will never be a true substitute for the face lift surgery and may only work at best on the fine lines and wrinkles.

Here are some of the brand names that have a face lift cream like the

Perricone MD – Amine Complex Face Lift Cream

This cream has Vitamin C Ester which is a very powerful anti oxidant and patented product called Perricone DMAE.