Instant Face Lift With Kits Or Face Lift Tape

Instant Face Lift With Kits Or Face Lift Tape

Instant face lift as the name suggests is the name given to the face lift kits that can provide you with a short facial rejuvenation by applying a combination of creams, gels and serums.

The way these work is that they tighten the facial tissues and then reducing the wrinkles. The way they improve the appearance by removing the dead skin cells from the upper layer and they have serums which exfoliate the skin. In addition you will need to follow up with moisturizers to keep the skin hydrated and in perfect condition.

The results will generally appear after the first use but for the full benefit you will have to apply the cream for some time.

One of main instant face lift treatments have been give out by Avon and is known as the ANEW CLINICAL Instant Face Lift. – This instant face lift formula claims that most of the visible sagginess will be gone by the end of the 2 weeks. In fact the skin will start appear firmed up after the first application.

anew instant face lift

Another one is the DermaSilk 5 Minute Face Lift Instant Tightening Serum

Instant face lift tape.

Apart from this there is another way to get an instant face lift and that is known as the tape method. In this the tape or the bands are used to lift the sagging skin. You will need to do this procedure for a few minutes and then you can get the lift on your skin.

In the tape procedure the tape is used to a special tape is used to wrap around the face and then it is removed after putting it on for a few hours. This way you are effectively pulling up the loose skin and it will then help to get the skin in better shape. You can do this at home using the theatrical tape also. You will need to be careful when you are doing the face lift tape all by yourself. I would suggest that you go to an expert who can do the face lift tape procedure for you.

The benefit of this tape lift is that there is no surgery involved.

On the other hand having to wear the tape all day can be problematic especially of you want to venture outside home.