Mid Face Lift – Costs, Risks, Benefits And Side Effects Information

Mid Face Lift – Costs, Risks, Benefits And Side Effects Information

Mid face lift is a procedure that is done on the areas which are in the middle of the face and that will mean the area below the eyes and the corners of the mouth. These two areas are the ones that give us the expression for various emotions and as we age you will notice that gradually these areas will have loose and saggy skin and that will give us a tired look.

In the surgery the surgeon will make the incisions around these areas and will adjust the skin such that the face is tightened and in general will also reduce the fact in these areas. There are in general two ways to do this. On is the traditional surgery where big incision are made and then the surgeons will adjust the skin and in other cases the endoscopic treatment is done where small incisions are made and the camera is used to see the what is happening internally. Each surgeon has its won preference and there is nothing right or wrong in using one over the other.

After the mid face lift is done you will see that the eyes do not look tired anymore and the cheeks are fuller. This gives the entire mid face area a very fresh look.

mid face lift

The other two main areas which are not touched in the mid face lift surgery are the

Forehead and eyelids


Recovery time – In general it takes about a weeks time to recover from the mid face lift surgery. The benefit being that you will have less recovery time and also it will give a rejuvenated look in less costs and pain than the full face lift.

You will more pain and swelling in the immediate 24 to 48 hours after the surgery. Avoid going out of the house in first week so as to avoid any direct sunlight as well as any stress.

The average cost of mid face lift is about $4000. This does not include the cost of anesthesia or the surgery facility. By adding these costs the average cost will be around $ 8000- $10000.