Acupuncture Face Lift

Acupuncture Face Lift

The acupuncture face lift as the name suggests is getting a facelift by the use of the acupuncture needles, the age old Chinese technique. However in true sense the acupuncture face lift is not a face lift and rather it is a treatment using the needles to reduce the fine lines. According to the cosmetic acupuncture is a new treatment which is offered by acupuncture clinics and it can reduce the fine lines and and can also reduce appearance of saggy eyes and you may get firm jowls.

So people who are thinking of getting a look which you can get by traditional face lift surgery should think of going to a cosmetic surgeon rather than an acupuncturist.

Where to get the Acupuncture face lift?

There are licensed practitioners that do acupuncture healing and they have also learnt the cosmetic acupuncture techniques. In general the acupuncturist will give you a free consultation beforehand and in majority of the cases ten sessions are a standard. That said each session may have different costs based on the type and the intensity of the treatment.

Facial acupuncture


It is non surgical and hence no recovery time is needed.

Fine lines are removed and the deep wrinkles will become less deep.

Acupuncture as a whole is a technique to give you overall body rejuvenation and the facial acupuncture will give your body added vitality and rejuvenation.

Improves muscle tone

The average cost of a session for cosmetic acupuncture may cost you around $200.

There are a lot of critics of this new acupuncture cosmetics technique and they say that it is not the real face lift and you will not feel the difference. A lot of people are definitely trying this and in the end even if you do not get the desired face lift you will still have a good body and facial muscle rejuvenation which will give you good vitality and energy.