Laser Face lift

Laser Face lift

Laser face lift as the name suggests is a technique in which the CO2 laser is directed at the face and the upper layer of the skin is removed to get a new look and the fine lines and the wrinkles are removed.

The name face lift may be misleading to say that the entire face is lifted however what really happens is that laser resurfaces the targeted areas to remove the upper layer of the skin. This is similar to what happens in microdermabrasion and chemical peels. The best part of the laser face lift is that you can control the amount of skin to remove and that is a great help as then you can very easily make sure that the targeted area looks better. Another advantage over the traditional face lift is that you will not have any anesthesia to be administered and nor will there be any pain or swelling.

laser face lift

Recovery time – In general the recovery time is very less as there is no surgery involved though in a lot of cases the discoloration may be there of the skin for a week. After that there will no discoloration and the skin will be gin to look normal. That said keep in kind that if you have very dark pigmented skin then you should check for other procedure as laser resurfacing or laser face lift may not be the bet thing for you.

The face lift with laser has a new technique called the Titan laser face lift . In this the Titan laser targets the deep layers to raise the skin temperature and have some collagen contraction. The outermost layers are not touched in this procedure.

There are a variety of techniques in laser technique itself like the CO2 laser resurfacing and the Erbium Yag lasers.

Tip – Remember this technique is not a true face lift and in case you need a proper face lift then get in touch with your cosmetic surgeon.