Lower face lift – costs, benefits, side effects information

Lower face lift – costs, benefits, side effects information

The cosmetic face lift surgery specialists generally divide the face into three areas while targeting a complete facial rejuvenation. In this the three main areas are the

Forehead and the eyelids – This is corrected by brow lift.

Area between the eyes and the mouth – The key areas here that are targeted are the lower eyelids and the baggy puffy eyes and the cheeks and the area around the mouth. Corrected individually these are done by the mid face lift.

Jowls, neckline and the jaw line – corrected use the lower face lift

Most of the people when they age will tend to have the loose skin because of the loss of the elasticity of the skin and the main area where that is more prominent is the loose handing skin on the neck and the jaw line. The corners of the mouth also begun to droop with age and that is what is also corrected.

In the traditional lower face lift a big incision is made beginning at the front of the ear and the going down and behind the ear. In the case of the endoscopic face lift the incision that is made is small and the surgeon inserts a camera via the incision to see what is happening internally while doing the surgery.

Once the incision is made the surgeon pulls the skin, drains the excess fat and sutures the skin to give a tightened lower face. This will get rid of the loose skin on the neck.

You may heard the terms S-lift and SMAS lift for the lower face lift. Both of these techniques involve a way of making an incision such that lower face can be tightened.

lower face lift

Tip – If you have a neck which show excessive signs of aging then it is better to combine lower face lift with neck lift.

Side Effects – The side effects are pain and swelling. You are advised to take complete rest as well as make sure that you do not do any exercises and should have no exposure to sunlight.

Benefits are that you will see better looking face and it is less painful and less of swelling than the full face lift.

Costs – The average cost of the lower face lift is around $5000 and it can vary based on the area and the city. On top of it you will have to add the aneaethesia costs as well as surgical facility costs.