Kinerase Eye Cream Reviews – Kinerase Intensive Eye Care Reviews

Kinerase Eye Cream Reviews – Kinerase Intensive Eye Care Reviews

Puffy eyes and dark circles are the issues that most of us grapples with and that is why there are companies which are there in the cosmeceuticals space which dish out product after product for specific areas of the body. Before buying it is important to know hat you are buying and what are the ingredients.

That said everyone has a different requirements when it comes to the anti wrinkle eye creams because of the skin type they have and the kind of problems they have.

I have done the review of the Strivectin Eye cream review in my last post and I then got my hands on the Kinerase intensive eye care cream. Here is my Kinerase Intensive Eye care review.

This cream says that it is for fine lines and wrinkles. Well this is true for all eye creams.

Kinerase intensive eye care

  • .125 kinetin – A high percentage to deliver good results
  • Helps to get rid of crows feet
  • It is great for reducing the puffiness of the eyes.
  • Minuses
  • Kinerase C6 peptide is expensive
  • Not very good for sensitive eyes
  • Ingredients
  • It has kinetin (N6-furfuryladenine) which is said to improve the fine lines and wrinkles
  • Citric Acid – it works as an anti oxidant
  • Instructions to Use
  • Some eye products can cause irritation so make sure that you wash off the cream if there is intense irritation.
  • Kinetin can cause irritation for the sensitive skin.

Apply once a day

This is for sure not a quick fix cream like say Strivectin SD eye cream or some of the other creams though it definitely works very well slowly and has good anti wrinkle properties. Make sure that you use other creams and moisturizer for good effect on the overall face appearance. Kinerase by itself has great products including other eye products like the Kinerase Under Eye Rescue. Review on this one later