Avon Anew Eye Cream Reviews – Avon Anew Clinical Eye Lift Reviews

Avon Anew Eye Cream Reviews – Avon Anew Clinical Eye Lift Reviews

Avon has a lot of eye products that specifically take care of your eyes. One such product is the Avon Anew clinical eye lift cream and gel. This has a dual purpose and the official website states that it has “Brow Bone/Upper Eye Gel with Dimensional Lift Technology™”.

It also states that it has “Under Eye Cream with Derma-Refine Technology™”.

The product is aimed at both the upper eye area and the under eye area. It is aimed at making sure that the brow bone area is tighter and gets a good lift.


Dual benefit

This one is top selling brands

Avon brand assure that it is clinically tested

Money back guarantee



Will need to use a sunscreen with this one.

A bit expensive


  • Sweet Almond Extract for under eye cream
  • Instruction to apply
  • For long lasting results use the cream and the gel for four weeks.
  • Apply it twice daily
  • Upper Eye gel for the eyelid
  • Under eye cream for under the eyes and cure of dark circles.

Wait for the gel to dry up as it is thick and can take a good 20 minutes to dry.

The gel can also be applied to under the eyes in case you have puffy eyes though it is recommended only for upper eye area.

Apply for four weeks atleast to get the maximum benefit out of the cream and the gel.

At the price it is a win win product especially from Avon. This product for the said price and the new clinically tested technology called as Dermalift is the best thing that you can get. More and more companies are now launching the dual effect products to give you more bang for the buck. That said sometimes it may be better to invest in separate powerful solution for the upper area of the eyes and the under eye area.