How to get rid of puffy eyes

How to get rid of puffy eyes

Eyes are the key to the beauty of the entire face and the fact remains that it is the eyes that show the first signs of stress, lack of sleep and aging. The most notable problems that occur with eyes is the puffy eyes and the under eye dark circles. In fact as far as aging is concerned the crow’s feet are also a major issue.

The puffiness in the eyes is because of the accumulation of the toxins as well as can be because of the fact that there is poor blood circulation.

Puffy eyes are also a major cause of the wrinkles around the eyes as the skin near the eyes is delicate and it can cause the major issues with the skin being too much stretched.

Most of the females who wear makeup all day can get this and that is why it is necessary that you remove all traces of makeup and allow the skin to breath. This helps in blood circulation. In fact it is the night time when the cells get regenerated so make sure that you use a good makeup remover and the follow it up with a good night cream.

puffy eyes

Puffy eyes is sign that toxins have not flushed out of under the yes so make sure that you dirnk water as soon as you get up and also make sure that you massage the area under the eyes gently.

You can use the eye gel pads or the cucumber eye pads to eliminate the bags or the pouches under the eyes. There are chamomile tea bags that can be used to get rid of puffy eyes

Also there are creams that make sure that the puffy eyes are reduced by increasing the circulation and these creams are specifically designed to stimulate the circulation.

Apart from all this there are surgical methods available which can make sure that the bags under the eyes are removed and that is generally included as part of the face lift.

For droopy eyelids generally there is surgery available which is known as blepharoplasty