Eye creams for sensitive skin and sensitive eyes

Eye creams for sensitive skin and sensitive eyes

The eye creams and in general the variety of anti aging creams contain a lot of eye cream ingredients which can potentially cause trouble to your skin like causing itching or reddishness or in some cases it may be a lot more.

That said this is not be confused with the initial tingling sensation that a lot of people have which is just a normal sensation however it can be a sign that your skin may not be that tough and it may be sensitive to certain chemicals and materials.

In fact the skin around the eyes is all the more sensitive because of the fact that it is very very think and has less of oil glands in it. The skin has a very fine layer and that can easily react very strongly to certain skin care products. The itching and inflammation cause the collagen to break down and the skin getting damaged.

Apart from the correct cream you need to be careful when applying the cream or the gel.

sensitive skin around eyes

Never apply the cream to the eyelids. A lot of eye creams say that it is OK to apply the cream to the lids however it is better not to do it. Always apply the cream below the eye and then spread it around. Do not apply too much pressure and always try to use your ring finger for the eye cream spreading.

Get the skin Analysis done

Well this is a must of you do not know your skin type. Of course that will begin once you have used a cream and that cream has caused the itching.

Look for ingredients and Manufacturers disclosure

Most of the manufactures will have the disclosure that the cream is hypoallergenic. This helps at least to avoid a certain type of chemicals. That said the manufacturers may not have tested out all the chemicals and each individual access can be modified.

Make sure that the eye cream at least has the soothing agents which are the Aloe Vera and Green tea. The most common irritants are things like Ammonia, Arnica, camphor, horsetail and lavender. Remember there are many more and you will need tops specifically seek the dermatologists advice to find the ingredient to which you are allergic. Again these in certain quantities and in certain mixtures may do well and cause no irritation.

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