Eye creams dry skin – Dry skin around the eyes

Eye creams dry skin – Dry skin around the eyes

The skin around the eyes is prone to wrinkles and that too it is the first to show the signs of aging. In fact eyes are the first thing where the wrinkles show up as crow’s feet or the bags under the eyes.

Let us talk about the skin under the eyes as well as around the eyes. The skin is generally very dry because there are less of oil glands in this area. On top of it the whole are is very very thin. So it becomes a really susceptible to fine lines and wrinkles. There are several reasons by which the skin becomes dry and it is mainly due to these reasons.

The number one reason is that the skin is exposed to the sun. The sun has the harmful UV ray which when they come in contact with the skin damage the skin causing it to dry and have a lot flaking and wrinkles. So make sure that you do not get exposed to sunlight directly between 11a.m and 2 pm. Also you need to make sure that you have the sunscreen lotion applied when you venture out.


Lack of water intake – In our daily routine you need to make sure that you have minimum of eight glasses of water which when not there causes the overall moisture deficiency in the body including the skin round the eyes.

Smokers lines is the most common thing that happens when you smoke excessively and the reason is that smoking causes the skin to go dry. Now this dryness causes the fine lines and wrinkles to show up and as I said earlier the area around the eyes is the first place where this shows up.

Makeup is another cause for the dry skin.

The lack of vitamins mainly the vitamin A and Vitamin B causes the skin to be dry.

The cure for dry skin is as outlined below

Drink lots of water

drink water
Avoid smoking

Avoid sun and use a good sunscreen as well wear eyeshades

In the home the moisture can be absorbed by the heaters in winter so use good humidifiers

To get good moisture around the eyes use the eye pads especially the home made ones. These eye pads can help soothe the eyes and the skin around the eyes.

Now that said there are several eye creams that come in the market which are meant for the dry skin around the eyes.

In the market there are several creams available which are specifically targeted at the dry skin.

In fact there are specific cleansers which are meant for dry skin. Use those to clean your face and specifically the area around the eyes. Then there are toners for the dry skin.

In fact the cosmetic industry has evolved so much that there are

Moisturizers for dry skin and sunscreens for dry skin.

Nest comes the actual creams which are there in abundance and they are mainly of two types which are the hydrating serums and the Intense eye cream treatments. These hydrating serums are mostly glorified moisturizers though they have more ability to penetrate the skin then the moisturizers as they are serums. The serums by virtue of the way they are made are water based and have more ability to deliver the moisturizing agents to your skin.