Liposuction double chin for losing double chin

Liposuction double chin for losing double chin

The exercise way for getting rid of a double chin is definitely a slow process as well the double chin diet. Most of us either lack the discipline or the time to go in for the double chin exercises or the suggested diet. Well that said that said the best way is to go in for the double chin liposuction technique. This double chin surgery will help you achieve your results faster. With advancement of the liposuction technique now you will have to wait for just two days to be normal again and you will be ready to go back to office.

The new technique in liposuction is the tumescent liposuction technique thereby for the liposuction the cannula that is used is very small. That will mean that the incision that is needed to insert the cannula will be very small. This helps as there is less of bleeding and the recovery period is also very less.

Apart from the fact another reason is that you will not be required to have the anesthesia but only the local anesthesia.

There are many things that you need to be careful about before and after the double chin surgery.

Take rest for 2-3 days. Also there can be a bit of swelling so make sure that you take rest and medication as advised by the surgeon. Another recommendation is that after the surgery or the liposuction you will need to wear and elastic chin strap so that you there is some pressure that is applied to the are where the liposuction is done and that helps to make sure that the results come out good.

Look at some of the double chin before and after pictures and photos and see for yourself whether you will benefit by these or not.

double chin before and after

That said the liposuction of double chin alone may not be able to solve many of your problems as there may be other things to be taken care of. If you have excess of chin muscle then a chin reduction may also need to be done. In some case a neck lift or a face lift may be done to make sure that the overall effect is good.

Double chin liposuction average cost will be around $1500 – $3000. Again it all depends on the location, city, and the facility fees. So make sure that you check the fees before going in for the double chin reduction surgery.