Juvederm procedure – Before and after care and photos

Juvederm procedure – Before and after care and photos

The Juvederm is a non surgical way to have the severe wrinkles on the face repaired. The way the Juvederm procedure works is that it is injected into the part of the body where the wrinkles are and then you are all set. Yes that is literally the procedure for Juvederm injections.

However before going in for the Juvederm injections make sure that you have talked to the dermatologist or the cosmetic surgeon and ask for any specials advice that he may have .

In a lot of cases you may require more than one syringe for filling up the wrinkles. The examples being the deep wrinkles called the parentheses or for plumping up the lips.

Before the Juvederm procedure

Avoid having any aspirin or any other medication which can cause blood to not clot and therefore the bleeding does not stop.

No allergy test is required


The injections are administered at the areas where the wrinkle filling is needed. The entire procedure will take about 15 minutes and then you will generally be given post treatments consultation regarding some do’s and don’ts.

Juvederm Ultra

After the procedure

There will be redness on the area where the injection was made.

There can be swelling which can happen

In some cases there may be some lumps that can form however you need not fear and in case these lumps do not go away then you can very easily talk to the doctor and get an enzyme injection to dissolve the lumps.

Juvederm before and after

  • You need to be careful about a few things and these are
  • Do not for any exercise for the first two three days.
  • Avoid any direct exposure of the sun on the area.
  • Avoid going for any tanning lotions and stuff so that it can effect the targeted area.
  • Do not go for any steam or sauna baths as that can cause a lot of itchiness.

Hopefully these will help you recover fast after the Juvederm injection and it will also help avoid any unnecessary complications.