Eye creams dark circles – What causes the dark circles?

Eye creams dark circles – What causes the dark circles?

Dark circles are caused by the blood capillaries that show up from under the skin as the skin under the eyes is very thin. The blood shows up as the bluish dark color and almost causes us to see the big dark circles and lines under the eyes.

The number one reason for the dark circles to be there under the eyes is because of the fact that you are the awake the previous night or you have had less of sleep. Tired eyes because of too much work or extra hours of sitting in front of the computers can also cause the dark circles.

Lack of hydration of the skin under the eyes can also cause the dark circles. In fact water intake is a must for a healthy body.

Aging process causes the collagen levels to decline and the skin becomes all the thinner. Again the thin skin will mean that dark blood color through the capillaries will definitely be seen.

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As a contrast people who have pale skin will always look as if they have dark circles and the fact is that paleness of the skin is caused by several factors though among them the most common is the lack of iron and it is called as anemia.

A lot of it also can be because of the fact that you have inherited thin skin. Well here there is nothing you can do but grin and bear it.

However said that there are several creams that are specifically made to make sure that you have less show of dark circles under your eyes. These creams like the Kinerase under eye rescue or the Peter Thomas Roth Power K rescue have Vitamin K as the main ingredient.

  • Vitamin K – This helps in blood coagulation and circulation thereby reducing the dark circles.
  • Kojic Acid – This is a natural skin lightener and helps in reducing the dark circles.
  • Titanium dioxide – This element protects from the sun damage.
  • Hydroquinone – This is again a skin lightening product which helps reduce the dark circles.

Apart from the eye creams you can also use the concealer if you want a temporary solution for the under eye dark circles.